Letter to an Agile Samurai – アジャイルサムライへの手紙 #agilesamurai

Screen Shot 2011-09-16 at 12.29.59 AMAgile Samurai”  has affected the agile movement of Japan.

I participate in Agile 2011 Conference this year. The report of conference was written at a site called EnterpriseZine.

While looking for the session to report, I got to know the session “Agile in a Nutshell” which is Mr. Jonathan Rasmusson’s session, he is author of “Agile Samurai”.

I don’t write about Agile Samurai’s impression now because there are a lot of article about “Agile Samurai” on Web in Japan. However, since my articles have introduced by his blog when the report written about Jonathan’s session was published, I want to write a meeting with him in gratitude for him.

He had two session in Agile 2011. One of them was the title “Agile in a Nutshell”. And when I met him, Jonathan gave me a following message.

The work which agile one or a water fall also organizes a task, considers a priority, or considers a scope is the same.

Maybe he wanted to tell me  “software development aims the same goal which is customer’s value”, “Agile is not special”.

I greeted him at that day of the session. He was a very gentleman person. And his session was filled with passion.

I learned and felt from “Agile Samurai”.And I met him and heard his session, I was able to feel it deeper. I think that this meeting and discovery are the real value of Agile Conference.

If this encounter or discovery did not act, they studied not obtaining. Going to meet someone who is the person I want to meet,  it is a special meaning for me.

I had the heart struck to his passion and an earnest posture. I am thankful to a wonderful session and Jonathan sent the wonderful book.

Thank you Jonathan!


Following article is Japanese version. 下書きなので内容が結構違います。


私は今年、Agile 2011 Conferenceに参加し、EnterpriseZineというサイトで、カンファレンスのレポートを書きました。

レポートするセッションを探しているときに、「Agile in a Nutshell」というセッションを知り、『アジャイルサムライ』の著者Jonathan Rasmusson氏のセッションということを知りました。


Agile 2011での彼のセッションは2つあり、その1つはアジャイルサムライに通じる「Agile in a Nutshell」という発表でした。
ジョナサンは「Agile in a Nutshell」について、以下のような話をしてくれました。