Irresponsible Parents


  • Sneezing くしゃみ
  • Male 男性 USのCAは男性もいる
  • Annual 一年に一度の
  • Cybering

Irresponsible Parents

  • Irresponsible 責任感のない
  • thoughtless 軽率な
  • A couple in their 20’s 20台のカップル
  • nearby すぐ近くの
  • charge 告発する Dai was charged with stealing an iPad in Florida.
  • Charged = officially told that you did something wrong by somebody.
  • according to ?によれば Said by someone
  • neighborhood 近所
  • laying on her stomach うつぶせ
  • laying on her back あおむけ
  • laying on her side 横向き
  • suffocation 窒息
  • My fish died of suffocation.
  • My girlfriend suffocates me with love.
  • I am suffocating from work.
  • Admitted = to tell honestly, or for the first time. 認める
  • add 言足す
  • mother-in-law 義母
  • be partly to blame 一部非難される
  • addictive 中毒性の
  • intend ?するつもりである
  • Intending = going to, wanting to, planning
  • Dai is intending to go to Okinawa in September.
  • sue 訴訟を起こす I will sue you = bring you to court
  • Blame 非難する

Why didn’t they leave the baby to the mother in law.
The parents admitted that what they did was wrong.
The killer admitted that killing Jay was wrong.

  • Pervert 変質者
  • Precedent 前例

What do you think about this topic?
I think this parent don’t blame others. They must reflect deeply on their mistake.

What is one of the biggest mistakes you have ever made?

??? I forgot…

Do you think the parents are right to sue the company that produced the game? Give a reason for your opinion?
It’s very stupid. They escape their responsibility.


  • cheapskate けちん坊
  • chicken feed 雀の涙ほどのお金
  • stingy けちな


  • abide とどまる
  • restriction 制約
  • undependable 頼りにならない
  • possibility 可能性