Customs Officers


  • Customs Officers 税関
  • What is your purpose of stay? 旅行の目的は?
  • I am participating in (attending) a technology conference. 技術系カンファレンスに参加します。
  • What is your line of business? どんな仕事をしていますか?
  • I’m an engineer in Japan. エンジニアやってます。
  • Are you currently holding more than $10,000 on you?  100万以上の現金を持ってますか?
  • I have about $700 dollars. 700ドルぐらいもってます
  • Educator = Teacher 先生
  • What nationality are you? どこの国からきましたか?


  • Your not planning to get pregnant, and stay in Canada are you?
  • If my fiancée is pregnant…
  • What should I do?
  • Anchor baby 米国内で生まれた子供。子供と家族は市民権をもらえる
  • Discrimination 差別
  • They can not fold
  • Cowardly 卑怯
  • We make companies make an online presence/shop.
  • Dual Citizenship 2重の市民権
  • Censorship 検閲