Dumb Dentist


This story is very strange.
The dentist in Pusan operated himself.
But there was an accident. Because he had three mistakes.

  • Cavity 虫歯
  • Hospitalized for illness 病気で入院する

ex. When a serious accident happens and you must go to a hospital.
ex. Jay was hospitalized because a car hit him.

  • contract 縮まる 収縮する contracted an infection 感染病になる

ex. To get a serious disease, illness, virus.
ex. Jay contracted the H1N1 bird influenza.
ex. Disease / illness / when your body is being eaten by
ex. Infected

ex. In the Biohazzard
games, the T virus infects people and makes them zombies.

  • somewhat interestiong  少々興味深い somewhat = Kind of

ex. Yoshinoya is somewhat inexpensive.

  • apparently = I heard, somebody told you.

    This word is used when you personally haven’t checked, but somebody told
    you the fact. みたところ?らしい

    • constrict = To get tight 締め付ける 妨げる

    ex. Boa Constrictor Snake

    ex. This turtleneck is constricting my breathing.

    • blood vessels 血管 vessel = ship, etc “Blood ships” “Blood roads”
    • bleeding 出血する

    ex. When blood is coming out of your body.

    ex. I’m bleeding, can I have a bandaid?

    • observed = Was watched. 観察する 監視する

    ex. Tiger Woods was observed when his wife hit his car with a golf club.

    • Gauze
    • adjacent = next to 近くに
    • hapless = Unlucky 不運な.古い言い方らしい
    • significant = A lot / important 重大な

    There is a significant amount of Chinese people in Yokohama.

    • Gums = The soft parts inside your mouth.

    ex. My gums are infected.

    • consciousness vs unconsciousness 意識がある/ない

    loose consiousness

    • breath 吸い込む
    • windpipe = throat 器官
    • amiss間違った。こちらも古い言い方らしい。 Something is amiss. なんかおかし
    • Down and out = 倒れて意識を失う

    ex. Down on the floor and unconscious

    ex. Manny Pacqiao is famous for getting his opponents down and out.

    • Nearly died 死にかけた

    1. I nearly died because I was in a bicycle accident.

    • Oxygen Starvation = Dangerously lacking in oxygen. 酸欠
    • Starvation = Very, very, very, very (almost dead) hungry.

    Topic Question
    Do you know anyone who has an irrational fear and does stupid things to avoid it ?
    irrational = 不合理な
    avoid = 避ける
    No. I don’t know. Im my company, some people do stupid things and they do nonnecessity tasks. I don’t understand them.

    Are you frightened of the Dentist ? Do you know anyone who is ?
    No, I like a dentist. My brother don’t like going dentist. Because he frightened.

    What was the last thing you had done at the dentist ?
    I had gone to a dentist because of checking my tooth. I go to dentist 4 times per year.

    Supplementary Questions: Health
    When was the last time you went to a dentist ?
    I recently can’t go a dentist. The last time was 1 years ago.

    When was the last time you went to a doctor ?
    I had gone to a doctor 1 month ago because I got sick.

    When was the last time you ware sick ?

    One month ago. I got stomach sickness.

    When you were in high school, how many days of school did you miss each year because of sickness ?
    Maybe I missed one week.

    What disease frightens you the most ? Why?

    I frighten a cancer because I smoke every day.

    What do you do to stay healthy ?
    I sometimes go to fitness club. I get some exercise.

    What do you do, if you can’t get to sleep.
    I count sheep.


    • quite a few  several いつくかの. numerous 数えきれないほど多くの
    • a quick study 飲み込みの早い人
    • plastic  credit card
    • pooled 疲れ果てた

    Quotes: Learning
    wisdom 知恵 賢人
    reflection 反射 熟考
    imitation 真似
    bitterest 苦い

    The Spirit of john Lennon

    • mourned 嘆き悲しむ 慎む
    • though ?にもかかわらず たとえ?でも
    • psychics 霊能者
    • get together 集まる
    • attempt 試みる 努力する
    • bunch 一団
    • seance 交霊会
    • specialize 専門とする
    • musical note 楽譜
    • afterlife あの世
    • opposed 対抗した
    • familiar 親しい仲間 おなじみの
    • off the top of my head あまり考えないで
    • supposedly おそらく
    • grand old time 大昔
    • sipping 飲み物をすする
    • kicking back ???
    • sort 種類 好み
    • nothingness 存在しないこと
    • limbo 天国と地獄の間 キリスト教の言葉らしい
    • ballroom ダンスホール
    • weenie ウィンナー
    • walrus セイウチ
    • bored 退屈