Burning a CD

  • Intensive Conversation 集中的な会話
  • Definitely = No mistake. It is 100% 間違いなく
  • ex. It’s definitely very far – south Africa.
  • piracy = stealing 海賊行為、著作権侵害
  • ex. Some people thing that downloading CDs is piracy.
  • feel guilty 罪悪感を感じる
  • ex. Guilty = feel bad for doing something bad or not.
  • ex. Do you feel guilty for sharing CD in Canada?
  • nowadays 最近では
  • ex. Nowadays iPad is getting very popular.
  • Distinguish = tell the difference 区別する
  • ex.
    Can you distinguish the difference between Chinese girls and Japanese
  • gonna ?するつもりだ
  • anyway とにかく
  • personally 個人的に
  • legal repercussion  合法の反響
  • ex. If you cheat on your wife, the repercussion is that she will kill you.

Legal repercussion

  1. Arrest you
  2. Give you a ticket
  3. Kill you
  4. Take your possessions (bankruptcy)
  • anonymously 匿名で
  • lack of respect 尊敬の欠如
  • absolutely 確実に まったくだ
  • illegal 不法の
  • Tandem = together
  • Up until now = いままで
  • Beef Bowl = 牛丼

Do you think it’s illegal to copy CDs?
The effort that they put into the CD is very expensive.

Illegal vs legal

In Canada it is illegal to drink alcohol outside.

I probably would have gone to Hawaii if I didn’t go to Okinawa.
I probably would have bought a new camera if I didn’t go to Okinawa.
What would you have done if you weren’t getting married?
I probably would have gone to Okinawa if I didn’t get married.


Do you buy new CDs ?

No, I do’nt. Because I always borrow CDs from TSUTAYA.

Do you burn CDs ?

No. But I convert to MP3 to listen by iPod.

Do you feel guilty about it ?

Yes. If you want to listen music, you should borrow from TSUTAYA and listen privately.

Do you buy pirated CDs ?

No. A Pirated CDs is japanese enemy.

Grammar Point

It’s = It is

Its = belonging to it


an eager beaver = 熱心なビーバー = ボランティア精神にあふれた人

willing ?することをいとわない

ace = make an “A” on a test

an egghead = a very intelligent person