Going back to School

This weeks topics
New group joined my section.
Two of new member is from other country.
We speak English every morning meeting.
Next time, we will have a welcome party in Tsukiji.

What’s new? ・・・ どないでっか?

Strict = Somebody who is not kind with rules. 厳しい

  • Underdog = somebody you don’t expect to be good, or experience 負け犬
  • Underdog vs Alpha Dog
  • Cut throat = Business is very competitive 首を締める
  • Interpretation 解釈
  • Trade School 専門学校
  • University 大学
  • Break up 別れる 砕け散る
  • ex. Dai broke up first love when he was young.

Jay will get PADI license. He will get Open Water and Advanced Open Water license next month in Okinawa.
He can’t make up his mind. Because license school has diverse plan.

Going back to School

  • Elementary school 小学校
  • enter elementary school
  • decade = period of 10 years. 何十年も前
  • opportunity = a change to do something.
  • although = ?だけれども
  • so far いまのところ
  • Picks up the trash
  • Selects a seat next to the teacher
  • Wipe = Clean, Erase, Delete completely きれいにする 拭き取る ex. Wipes the blackboard
  • Eldest vs Youngest

She is not the eldest elementary school student in the nation.
> False. She is eldest elementary school student in the nation.

  • nation = a country
  • attend= to join
  • Attendance record = A record that shows how many times you went to school/work.
  • quit = やめる
  • poverty = very, very poor people. People who can not live, people who
    can not eat, people with no jobs.

The Philippines has poverty in Manila.
South Africa has poverty.
Japan sometimes has poverty.
North Korea has a large number of people in poverty.

  • Surgery = Operation 手術
  • Cataract surgery 白内障の手術 Special eye surgery
  • Semester = The school sections of the year (april – june, etc)
  • In Canada, The school start autumn.
  • Period =Individual classes.
  • Ie: My third period today is Mathematics. First period is English.
  • Fellow = friendship, people who do the same thing or are the same as you in your group.
  1. My fellow Canadians are very friendly.
  2. My fellow classmates are very lazy.
  3. My fellow Japanese are very strong.
  • Dirty vs clean
  • Messy vs tidy
  • Tidy = organize
  1. My room is tidy.
  2. Her room is messy.
  • Widow = Somebody whose wife or husband died.
  • Black Widow
  • Regain = get back after you lost.
  • Gain = to get

Who died 40 years ago?
> Her husband died 40 years ago.
How long was her walk to school everyday?

> She walked to school 30 minutes.

Which surgery did she do Cataract surgery or Ear surgery?

> She did Cataract surgery.

Okinawa talk.

USS Eamons
Iceberg 氷山
Underwater Pyramid 海底ピラミッド
Hatch 生まれる


Supplementary Discussion