Strange jobs

This weeks topics.

Last week My fiancee came to my home.

And we started to live together.

We has gone out from two years ago. It is first time I live with her.

Then I feel sick, maybe I’m very nervous.

But I’m very happy and everyday is very fun.

Strange Jobs

Many young people live strange jobs. Strange jobs are very brag about to friends.

  • But they say “we are depressed and underpaid.”.
  • brag 自慢
  • drawback – bad point
  • despite 軽蔑 悪意
  • even thought よほど?しようとおもった
  • depress 意気消沈する
  • underpaid 低賃金

Ms, Parks works a wedding guest.

She study names, ages, hometown.

And when she go to bridal ceremony, she will go all-out playing the part of a friend.

  • hire 雇われる 雇用 雇う
  • brief 簡単に伝える
  • groom 身なりを整える

The worst part-time job is FLATUS ODOR JUDGE.
A scientist hired university students, and students smell the odor of other people’s farts.

  • flatus おなら
  • farts おなら
  • odor 匂い
  • subjects 被験者
  • anuses 肛門
  • flatulence  ガスがおなかにたまること
  • syringe 注射 注射で採取する
  • descrete 個別の
  • rigorously 厳しい
  • integrity 完全な状態 誠実
  • inhale 吸い込む Opposite exhale
  • rebustly しっかりと
  • writhe in agony 悶え苦しむ
  • noxious 不健康な 有害な

Have you ever had a part-time job ? If yes, what did you do?

I worked restaurant staff when I was high school students.

What are some strange jobs that you have heard of?

I heard of “Testing new drags”. It is very high-paid.

What do you think is the worst job is ?

I think “Flatus Odor Judge” is very import test for scientist.

But this job is very hard job, because All hired people are depressed.

Why do you think part-time workers are depressed ?

I think some part-time job is not challenging job. So they are depressing.

What are the benefits of only being a part-time worker ?

If you want to became a doctor, you should work at a job related doctor.

So you can get some skills, and you can get some benefits.


get going: leave

I better get going.

Do you want to get going?

get lost!: go away

I wish he get lost, because he is very selfish.

Get real! Be realistic! / Don’t be naive.

Let’s get real about our works.

grab a bite: get something to eat

Would you like to grab a bite with me ?

The most powerful weapon

ultimate 究極

telling people 皆に言ってること

act 振舞う 演じる

afterward 後で その後

nitpick あら捜しをする 重箱の隅をつつく

I was left a little wanting. 少し気になる点があった

pretend ふりをする 架空の

dork アホ

steep 浸透する 浸す

recognize 認識する

portray 表現する

embrace 表明する