Finding Money

This weeks topics.

My company hold a morning meeting on Monday 8PM.
Our company president said “Let’s start studying English !”

He forces someone to study english.
And he forces someone to speak englishin a meeting.
We have to study english everytime.

We are studying themselves.
Someone study english in English conversation school like me.
Someone study english in my company with brought external teacher.

I worry this situation make us unhappy.
His idea is very extream and really stupid.
What do you think about it ?
I think learning english never force.
Because english conversation is very fun and very valuable experience.

We wanna say “Give me a break.”


Jay is starting twitter.
We are connected to facebook, flicker, twitter.
Next week, I will try to tweet in English.

Finding money

I had found some money on the street.
Maximum is 10000yen.
Then I had brought to police station.
If i found 1000 or 2000yen, I may not bring to police station.

jay:Have you ever been mugged?
jay:Mugged = somebody stole your things, usually with a weapon.

Last year December, I was stolen video camera in my home.

jay: Unbelievable! Do you live in Residential Area or Urban area ?

I live in residential area.

jay:Do you know your neighbors?

Of cource. My neighbor is stolen too.

jay: When I am In Vancouver, I was mugged my car five times.
jay: What precautions do you take to secure your car?

We don’t leave valuables in the car.

jay: What precautions do you take to secure your house ?

I think. A curtain is very important. It disappear the room.
And the window must be install two locks.

jay: My boss in kyoto, his house is not locked. Do you lock your house ?

Yes, Always I locked. But my parents house is not locked. If you live in good area, we are not locked.

Today’s article.
Finding Money.

This story is honesty women get $50 as a reward.
She is a laundry worker.
Her name is Mrs. Fuller.

When she pulled out some bills from clothes, she didn’t believe the bills value.
The bills were worth $27000 dollars.
She returned the money to its owner.

The owner of the work in the Import and Export business.
He quite often carries thousands of dollers.
He would like to thank her.
He handed her $50 dollers as a reward.

  • all of a sudden = happen to
  • Reward = money/thing that you give when somebody has done something good.
  • quite often = always
  • Tip Top Dry Cleaners
  • Money laundering = collecting a lot of stolen money. > negative word.
  • Jay said: The calligraphy teacher was money laundering.
  • opposite = other side of the coin ?
  • Laundry Worker
  • Wad of cash = pile money
  • Handed it all back 返す
  • Bucks = dollars. bucks = casually present.

Topic Questions.
jay: Do you think it was fair?
jay: I think it was not fair, because 50 dollers are very low. > Certainly.

I think it was fair because it is not a problem of 50 dollar value.
If i am handed $50 dollers, I will say “No thank you. It is naturally.”

If you had $27,000 dollars, what would you do ?

I would like to go to okinawa and dive.

jay: Me too, I like to go to okinawa for diving.


  • low glow
  • lip flip
  • lap clap
  • loud cloud
  • lock block
  • leap sleep
  • lean clean
  • lime climb
  • rash trash
  • ray tray
  • rim trim
  • rain train
  • rack track
  • Rick trick
  • trick = nakama yukie
  • Law != low
  • Rush = Very busy, very fast
  • Rash = Skin gets red after allergy or maybe insect bite.
  • Australian/British English = Rubbish
  • Lay = Sleep, lay down
  • Ray = Beam. Sun ray
  • Trim = To cut, also levels of something (Mazda 3 has different trim levels)
  • Ruck Sack = Back pack
  • Car rack


There is something beautiful about all scars of whatever nature.
A scar means the hurt is over, the wound is closed and healed, done with. ~Harry Crews

  • scar = haganeno renkinjutsushi
  • Scar vs Wound
  • Scar = Permanent wound, forever wound
  • That is mean “The sun rise tomorrow !”.
  • That is mean “Spring has come !”


bring home the bacon = earn the family living

In my family, both my mother and father “bring home the bacon.”
In my family my father is the one who “brings home the bacon”
In my family my father is the one who brings in the money.
In Dai’s future family, hopefully, he is not the only one “bringing home the bacon.”

  • When I have a family, I hope that I am not the only one “bringing home the bacon.”
  • Meat = money
  • My father has brought home the bacon for fourty years.
  • My mother sometimes has brought home the bacon.
  • Japanese bacon is very thin.


feel like a million dollars/bucks = feel wonderful

After the Hot Springs, I feel like a million dollars (bucks).
After the spa I feel like a million bucks.
My wife felt like a million dollars after the spa.

  • I do not feel like a million bucks after working for 18 hours.
  • I felt like a million dollars after 18 hours of sleep.
  • Bucks = dollars.
  • Bucks = casual for dollars, not for business.


clean up = make a lot of money, make a big profit

I “cleaned up” at the Casino yesterday. J
I cleaned up at the Tennis match yesterday.
I cleaned up at the horse races last year.
I cleaned up at the casino last night.

  • Dai cleaned up at the Horse tracks a year ago. It was unbelievable.
  • In Vancouver, I cleaned up at the Blackjack table on Wednesday and on Thursday I lost it all.
  • I cleaned up at the card games when I was a student.
  • I cleaned up at Uniqlo yesterday because of the big sale.


  • Daylight Saving Time the time during the summer. we move the clocks back an hour.
  • daylight 日中
  • amount 量 価値
  • basis 土台 根拠 理由
  • rate 評価する 率
  • depression 押し下げる 落ち込む
  • lack 不足 たりない
  • hardly ほとんど?ない
  • pretty かなりの
  • actually 実際
  • ashamed はずかしくおもう
  • admit 許す 認める

This story is sunshine and daylight make us happy.
In Portland and Oregon, this states have a high rate to dispression, because this states rains most of the time.
And in North Europe, Many countries are hardly any sunlight, so these countries have very high suicide rate then Japanese.
We need to get some sunshine and daylight.


  • chasing 追いかけっこ
  • decreases 減る
  • material prosperity 物質的な繁栄
  • feel down 落ち込む
  • folks 人々 みなさん
  • spread 広める

Research has shown some data. As a result, Smile make up happy.
We try to smile, and stretching our lips, our life is more hopeful and happy.

What makes John happy ?


It rains a lot in Portland, Oregon.

Dave needed some sunlight, so he bought a tanning package.