“Qualities and Flaws” and “Give Your Child a Break”


Trial lesson’s memo.

Qualities and Flaws


  • Jay is kind of chubby.
  • What do you mean?
  • My father works everyday and he hasn’t retired yet.
  • What is one flaw that you can’t stand in a person? 人として我慢できない欠点は何?can’t stand
  • What is a food that you can’t stand? 食べれないものは?
  • Can’t stand = hate
  • What qualities do you look for in a spouse? 嫁のいいところ教えて。

First lesson’s memo.

Talk about this week.

  • Confident 自信がある
    worried 心配している
  • A hotel in Tenessee had an accident.
  • A hotel in tenessee suffered damage from a flood. 洪水
  • So conference have relocated to Walt Desney Resort.
  • Do you have to do any preparations before you go? 何を準備しないとダメですか?
  • Prep = things you need to do before something….
  • I have to prepare getting my passport.
  • Visa
  • Refrigerator 冷蔵庫 Fridge is popular word.
  • Specs = specifications 仕様書
  • Western 西洋の
  • Ceremony 式典
  • Western Society 西洋社会 西洋はアメリカ含む
  • Taboo

Lesson:Give Your Child a Break


  • “Dad, give me a break!!” 勘弁してください!
  • Tutor 家庭教師
  • cram ぎゅっと詰め込む、ガリ勉
  • Cram School = Juku
  • burden 苦しめる

Burden = Two meanings…
1. My bag is such a burden
2. Problem

  • especially 特に
  • Truly/ Certainly = 100% 本当に
  • Noble = Someone great, Knight, samurai, king, queen….
  • Profession = professional job 専門職
  • get into 入学する 入る
  • Reputable = good reputation 信頼できる、立派な /reputation/respect
  • ex. Toyota’s Reputation = safe, reliable, good value
  • ex. Tokyo University = Elite, Smart,
  • Face the fact = finally understand the truth. 事実を知る
  • ex. When I was 8 years old I “faced the fact” that Santa Clause wasn’t real.
  • as a result 結果的に
  • pressure 圧力、プレッシャー
  • taking their own life 夢がないとか?やるきがないとか? suicide
  • ex. In Japan many salarymen take their own life.
  • I get it! = Naruhodo
  • certainly 確実に、必ず
  • interacting 向き合う
  • Pile = On top of each other 重ねる
  • extracurricular 課外の、塾とか
  • Curriculum 教育課程
  • Skipped High School 学校をサボる
  • Tutor = one on one lesson teacher.
  • Domestic 国内
  • Valuable= Good deal
  • Is it common not to go to University?
  • Consequences = What bad things happen after doing something….
  • The consequence of drinking beer and driving is a car crash.
  • Cheating on your girlfriend + jealous girlfriend = you will die.

Topic Questions.

What extracurricular activvities do you do or do your child do ?

Now, I’m going to english conversation shool. When I was child, I studied math, english in juku.
If I will has children, I will not think about this. but My children say ‘ I am become ‘yokozuna’ in my future.’.
I guess say ‘You can do it, and never give up’.

What did you do on your last vacation ?

My last vacation is golden week in may. I had gone back my parent house and play with my old friend.
I had gone to Playland, driving to Rokko mountain, enjoy dinner.

What ware some of your dreams when you were young ?

When I was child, My dream was doctor.
When I was student, My dream was becoming a software engineer or cinema director.


  • Highway toll
  • Opposite = White vs black, girl vs boy, dragons vs giants
  • I tore my leg muscle.
  • In my house there is a pile of dirty laundry.


  • Dai, I hope you “break a leg” in the States.
  • Dai I hope you break a leg on your next tennis tournament.
  • Break a leg = do your best, give good luck
  • Curse = noroi
  • Break a leg on your next lesson.
  • Break a leg on your date.
  • I go shopping “once in a blue moon”.
  • = I sometimes/rarely go shopping.
  • Blue moon = Second full moon in ONE month (very rare).
  • Rare vs Common
  • Common = normally
  • I get up early once in a blue moon.
  • I go abroad once in a blue moon.